John Parry Releases debut Single ‘Nice Shoes’

John Parry is a 20-year-old boxer turned troubadour who first found fame via a range of acclaimed online tracks and now the rising star has released his snappy debut single ‘Nice Shoes’.

The track describes Parry’s encounter with a foreign girl, and homes in on the detail that people are able to paint a universally recognisable portrait of lust on the tube. ‘Nice Shoes’ features furiously strummed electric guitar, and the catchy lyric “na na na na na na” in the chorus, making it one of the songs of the summer.

East London born John Parry has already made plenty of waves with ‘Enough’ and ‘Love Drunk Punch’ – songs that detail his exploits on the harsh streets of Isle of Dogs and Poplar – but with his first proper release ‘Nice Shoes’ the future star has reached new levels of infectiousness.

But John hasn’t just released a super catchy debut single, the B-side, ‘Take My Money’, is a doleful meditation on love on the dole that shows Parry can do quiet fury as well as fun. Both tracks are inspired by real-life experiences.

Speaking about his new music, John Parry says: “I’m still developing as a songwriter and I rely very much on life experiences and my mood, but my songs are taking a darker turn, which I think compliments the venues I have been playing in. I pride myself on the songs I write being 100% true experiences. A girl found out that a song I wrote was about her by the lyrics and she went mental!”


You can watch the official music video for ‘Nice Shoes’ here:

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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