Introducing: Julie Bergan, A Norwegian singer you need to check out

Julie Bergan, born on April 12th in Skier, Norway, was only 18 years old when she tried out to become Norway’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Sadly, she didn’t make it through to the final but, thankfully she’s still pushing forward with her musical career. After seeing her work, we can’t help but feel it’s our duty to introduce you to her. Here’s four reasons why…

4. Her cover of “Rude”

In September of 2014, Julie uploaded a cover of Rude by MAGIC! on her YouTube channel. The cover, an acoustic rendition, showcases her flawless vocals, backed up by two male backing singers. The youtube video has already been viewed for over 210,000 times. We could rave to you about it all day, but you should probably just give it a listen.

3. Her first single “Younger”

Even before she posted her cover of MAGIC!’s “Rude”, her first single, named Younger, had already come out. The single is far more upbeat, than the cover, with an easy yet meaningful chorus which has a certain catchiness to it that we just can’t shake off. The song also brings out  a beautiful message, after all “who said that the sky is the limit?” Give it a listen and you’ll find yourself bopping to it for days.

2. Her latest single, “I Kinda Like It”

Released earlier this year, Julie Bergan’s latest single “I Kinda Like It” has us jamming out once more. The song starts off calm, as soon as it hits the chorus, you just want to leap up and dance. If you’re in the need for some private dance party time, “I Kinda Like It” should be on your playlist. Sadly there’s no music video for “I Kinda Like It” as of yet, but there is a lyric video and guess what, we kinda like it.

1. Support act

To round up our list of fave things about Julie Bergan, in case you’re not already as obsessed as we are, the 22 year old opened for Jess Glynne on the Europian leg of her “I Cry When I Laugh” tour. We’re sure she gained many fans from this incredible experience, and we can’t wait until she tours herself.

That’s surely enough reasons to check Julie out, don’t you think? Don’t worry, you can also find her on Spotify and iTunes.

Did you already know Julie before, or have you checked her out now we gave you these reasons? Let us know by sending a tweet to @CelebMix or leave a comment below!

Written by CelebMix