Kanye West Ends Final LA Show Early

Kanye West was an hour into his final of six shows at the Forum in Inglewood, California, and his last stop on the Saint Pablo Tour, when he suddenly cut the concert short.

“Turn on the lights – show’s over. I’m so hoarse.  I’ll give everyone a refund, I’ll do better next time.”

West told concert goers he didn’t want to put on a show where he couldn’t perform to the best of his abilities, so he felt ending it early was his best option.

Fans at the show had mixed emotions over the abrupt end.


And many are already hassling Ticketmaster and the Forum for the refunds Kanye promised.

Originally, Kanye’s tour was meant to end on October 29th in Vegas, but three more dates in Los Angeles were tacked onto the end. This show was his seventh in nine nights.

More information about the situation is coming out, so keep your eyes glued to our Twitter for any possible updates!

Written by CelebMix