Kelly Clarkson Releases Emotional “Piece By Piece” Video

Kelly Clarkson has released a stream of pop anthems for well over a decade now, and her newest release is no different. However, “Piece By Piece”, the third single from her album of the same name, has a much more emotional message. The song is about Kelly’s father who abandoned her family when she was only a child, and how her husband has restored her faith in the goodness in men.

In an emotional post to her Facebook page Kelly wrote,

“I like to think of “Piece By Piece” as the happy ending to “Because Of You.” It’s not the happiest story in the beginning, but it’s a real one that I decided to write after a conversation with my sister. So many of us had to grow up without parents to model a healthy relationship for us, so we often get into dysfunctional relationships because it is what is familiar. We end up settling instead of being with someone who is worthy of our hearts and our time. We all deserve to feel worthy of love. We all deserve to be truly loved. This song is basically my past, present, and future. It’s my love letter celebrating and thanking my husband for being a man that knows how to love me and our children without expecting anything in return. Also, this is a promise to my kids that I will never cease to love them, and be present in their lives always.”

The touching message accompanied Kelly’s new video, shot entirely in black and white, in which her daughter River Rose makes an appearance to give her mother a kiss.


Earlier this year, Kelly announced she was pregnant with her second child to husband Brandon Blackstock. They already have one daughter together, and Kelly is stepmother of Brandon’s two children from a previous relationship.


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Written by CelebMix