Khalid ‘Sanctity EP’ Review

The relatable R and B star continues to impresses with creativity and experimentation on his new EP ‘Suncity’ solidifying his name as a rising success.

In a sonic love letter to his hometown of El Paso, Texas, Khalid provides a project laced with silky vocals, dreamy harmonies and a synergetic pop/ R and B sound drawing on his influences such as Frank Ocean and Lorde.

The multiple Grammy-nominated Texas singer introduces the project with an initial signature Khalid harmony instantly exhibiting his rich, warming tone before transitioning to the dreamy ‘Vertigo’. A harmony encapsulated cinematic experience with a laid-back verse accompanied by a punchier chorus blended with falsetto ad-libs.

Track 3, Saturday Nights, feels somewhat like the acoustic, progressively chilled sibling of former Khalid assisted benny Blanco hit ‘Eastside’. The poignant, emotive storytelling is nicely paired with a simple yet effective melody as he seemingly touches on the simple idea that parents or people around you only know “[what you let ‘em see]”.

Salem’s interlude, a though evoking emotional yet powerful monologue entering thought upon fear, doubt and happiness, nicely punctuates the project before transpiring into a deeper, striking drum beat with a somewhat which I think is my least favourite on the EP as I think it lacks clear direction, however, could be the perfect listen in the perfect mood.

‘Motion’ does, however, have an interesting electronic R and B outro nicely previewing Khalid’s latest single “Better” which consists a slower, electro- R and B vibe echoing the sonic identity created within his debut album- a recognisable yet successfully evolved version of Khalid.

In an unexpected yet highly appreciated twist, the ‘location’ hit-maker embodies a tropical summer vibrancy with a Spanish flair in an attempt to add his own fuel to the recent increase of Spanish inspired number one hits from the world’s biggest artists. Featuring the dreamy falsetto of Latin American singer-songwriter ‘Empress of’ their voices join in harmony with a sultry energy against a head bop provoking beat generating the perfect end of summer hit finishing with a tease of what’s to come with ending with a monologue of “hope to see you very soon”.

The EP is a solid follow up to his debut album showing growth and maturing after a string of undeniable and rightfully deserved success allowing for the evolution of his sound with experimentation within his impeccable skills, talent and creative vision which can foreshadow future musical directions inevitably leaving us excited for what’s to come.

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