Kill My Mind is Louis Tomlinson’s upcoming single, the reality is the wait to hear it is killing ours

“Kill My Mind”, Louis Tomlinson unveils the name of his long-awaited and hugely anticipated next single.

Louis is known within his fanbase as being a bit of a tease, some of his “Louies” call him “Tommo- The- Tease, and he and his team at LTHQ have certainly lived up to the name with this single name drop.

First, we had Louis tweeting” Here we go again”. His ever-observant fans noticed right away those were some of the lyrics from single Back to You, that he released with Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals.

He and his team didn’t stop there. Nor did the fans. If you go on Spotify and play Back to You a video appears.

In the video, we see Louis and also the letters KMM are highlighted in red.

Louis then tweeted the words.

So basically what we know is three very important facts:

  1.  Louis’s way of dropping a single name is original and highly inventive and that
  2. He and his team like to tease fans, we all remember the worldwide treasure hunt for Two of Us, the treasure being songs clips and footage.
  3. We know the next single is called Kill My Mind, and he’s killing everyone’s minds while we wait for him to drop his latest banger!

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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