Kiyah Mitchell’s “That Way” Gains Traction on Spotify

It’s everybody’s dream to be able to live the way we’d like to–Kiyah Mitchell’s debut single describes just exactly how we can live “That Way”. Even more impressive is the expansion of his work from his SoundCloud to Tidal and Spotify. On Spotify, the single has achieved 50k plays and counting.

Kiyah Mitchell: “I could take you around the globe, just give me a year or so. Photographs of us in bed, but you belong in centerfolds.”

Artist Kiyah Mitchell is making his break into the world of music with his hit single “That Way” (feat. Nick James & Glenn Travis). The track opens with soothing guitar strums and prefaces the song with relaxing, sunset vibes. The song showcases Kiyah’s verses of the track, where his rap describes the girl that he’s been feeling “That Way” about.

The lyrics explicitly describe the young artist’s carefree and youthful lifestyle, professing his desire to travel the world with the girl of his dreams. Along with Kiyah Mitchell’s rap verses, the chorus also features Nick James and Glenn Travis, adding their smooth and serene vocals to the composition of the chorus to bring a nice variety of genres together.

This chill new electronic-indie track will have you feeling some kind of way–maybe exactly “That Way”. Give the song a listen below and tell us what you think!

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Written by CelebMix