Lamar Odom Update: NBA Star Overdosed, Likely Brain Damage

NBA star Lamar Odom’s condition is not looking too good after he was found unconscious at the Bunny Love Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to new reports, the former LA Lakers basketball player’s condition is being treated as an overdose.

A source at the Sunrise Hospital, where Odom is being treated, stated, “drugs were found in his system,” adding that doctors are calling his situation an “overdose.”

“Lamar remains unconscious and on a ventilator but is still alive,” E! News reported, adding that the ex-husband of Khloe Kardashain suffered from a “loss of oxygen but also possible stroke.”

“So, likely there’s brain damage, but they’re not sure how much,” the hospital source said. “Virtually every drug imaginable was found in his system.”

Odom apparently suffered an “ischemic stroke,” which is associated with the use of cocaine, and other drugs.

Reports also suggest that Odom “had been partying since Friday,” with an insider stating, “he was doing crack cocaine all weekend and he choked on his mucous. They’re now having to fix all the damage it has done.”

Khloe Kardashian is reportedly remaining by Odom’s side during this devastating time.


Written by CelebMix