LANY Release “yea, babe, no way” Music Video

Pop group LANY released their music video for “yea, babe, no way” on Wednesday. The second song off of their EP “kinda,” is a low-key synth-pop jam:

It features the members of LANY, Paul, Jake, and Les, hanging out in various locations. There’s wet beach scenes, moody walking down the street scenes, and frolicking in a meadow scenes (so pretty much something for everyone). Some of the video footage recalls an older time of polaroid cameras and oversized sunglasses. However, more “modern” footage is also dispersed throughout the video.

LANY In The Future

The song “yea, babe, no way” topped Billboard’s Twitter Emerging Artists Chart, hinting at more success to come LANY’s way. They have numerous tour dates coming up across Europe, and a tour in the United States with Transviolet coming in the fall.

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Written by CelebMix