Let Regé-Jean Page read you a bedtime story on Calm

Regé-Jean Page (a.k.a. The Duke from Bridgerton) can now lull you to sleep on Calm. He has launched his own sleep story exclusively on the app.

Titled ‘The Prince & The Naturalist’, Regé-Jean’s Sleep Story will take listeners on an illuminating journey through Olde England, as a naturalist and his royal pupil discover the wisdom of nature.

Regé-Jean shares, “I know how valuable relaxation is for us all, especially in trying times, so I couldn’t be more glad to lend my voice to a Sleep Story

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He joins Calm’s royally impressive cohort of narrators – Harry Styles , Cillian Murphy and Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes to help lull us to sleep at a time when a good night’s sleep has become increasingly challenging. Research suggests now a huge one-in-four Brits are suffering from insomnia since the start of the pandemic. 

A spokesperson for the app has given some really helpful tips on what we can do to have a more restful nights sleep.

  • Limit light – Our brains produce more melatonin, the hormone that makes us sleepy, when it’s dark. To prepare yourself for a better night’s sleep, limit your exposure to unnatural light before bedtime including phones, computers and TVs.
  • Support and regulate your circadian rhythm – Also known as your body’s internal clock. It controls changes in hormones, body temperature, blood pressure, and other aspects of the sleep-wake cycle. Keep bedtimes and wake times consistent, choose a bedtime when you’re naturally tired, limit naps to early afternoons and seek natural daylight to aid better sleep.
  • Manage your anxiety. Science suggests that mental health and sleep are related. Practices to improve your mental health, such as meditation, may improve your sleep quality. Participants with sleep disturbance in a Calm Science study reported decreases in anxiety and depression after 8-weeks of participating in Calm for only 10 min/day and this was associated with better sleep.
  • Prepare your body for sleep. Meditation for 10 minutes/day makes unwinding at night much easier. In fact, 74% of participants in a Calm Science study reported improvements in their ability to “turn off their mind” when going to sleep and 71% were better able to physically relax before bed.

You download the app and listen, here!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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