Lisa Remar’s Tune of Self-discovery “WOKE UP EARLY”

Japanese American singer/songwriter Lisa Remar’s single “WOKE UP EARLY” portrays a soft nostalgia. Combining an MGMT-esque backdrop with an airy Alisha Keys style vocals, the song radiates with a lush, comforting quality. The release focuses on a desire to find love again after learning to love yourself. The pop/R&B infused track is warm and utterly intoxicating. She gently sings, “Woke up early today, I just want to impress myself” and that sentiment is felt wholeheartedly.

The New York native is a talented force who does it all. A record producer and singer/songwriter, she has obtained high praise for her rare sonic style and deep intimacy. This stunning piece has that same alluring vulnerability. Check out this delectable work now and get lost in its ethereal glow.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer