Little Mix Drop New Video “Love Me Like You”

Little Mix never fail to make us smile. The British girl group debuted their latest music video titled “Love Me Like You” today, and we need to discuss.

WHY HAS NO ONE OFFERED THEM THEIR OWN VARIETY TV SHOW?!? These girls can act and they’re hysterical.

Why are their hair and makeup always perfect? Always. Every time. They can’t be human, they can’t.


Who would not ask out Little Mix to a dance?! Are these guys blind…and deaf?

Who is going to clean up the lipstick on the mirrors??

If anything, WE LOVE YOU LITTLE MIX!!!

PS: Dear Little Mix, if you ever need a fifth member, we’re here. We can’t sing and dance as well as you but on the excitement level, we succeed.

Written by CelebMix