Little Mix Six Year Anniversary: Album Tracks We Wish Were Singles That You Need To Hear

It has been six years since Little Mix formed on The X Factor in 2011 on the eighth series of the show. Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall all auditioned for the show as soloists. With a bit of a shuffle around in bootcamp, they were invited to perform as a four-piece group at Judges’ Houses; back then, they were known as Rhythmix.

Fast-forward six years and the girl group is one of the biggest in the world. They have released four studio albums, their latest of which hit number one on the UK Official Albums Chart; they have also released 17 singles, four of which are UK number ones, and all the others have charted within the top 20.

There have been many catchy album tracks that we’ve been loving since they dropped. We’re not the only ones, and there have been many album tracks and promotional singles that have charted on various charts. Yet, still, there are many people who haven’t even heard these songs; so, we are here to showcase our favourites.

Little Mix’s Debut Album “DNA”

Stereo Soldier

We’re not quite sure why this very catchy song was never released as a single. The girls’ vocals are on point from start to finish and certainly has a “Salute” and “Power” vibe going on. We’re imagining a camo-fashion music video with the girls bringing an extremely complicated choreographed dance sequence that would be full of girl-power.

Pretend It’s OK

This ballad is strong from the get go with a very personal message behind it. The girls contributed to the writing of this track, along with many other songs that have been released by them; so it’s no surprise that it’s a passionate vocal from them. It reminds us of “Little Me” but much stronger and upbeat and about a guy.

Going Nowhere

Nicola Roberts, known as one-fifth of Girls Aloud, wrote this song for Little Mix, and it’s a brilliant breakup song that we’ve blasted way too many times. Highly relatable to so many people, it’s surprising that this was never given a music video. It also features Leigh-Anne Pinnock rapping an entire verse, which certainly switches this track up in every way. Out of all the album-tracks on this album, this is the one track we wish had been given a fully fledged single release.


This one is already in our Halloween playlists on Spotify. Just imagine the spooky music video the girls would’ve dropped if this was released as a single. Music can be a drug and we can imagine each member of Little Mix transforming into a paranormal creature. The song gives us visual vibes of The Saturdays’ “Ego” and Fifth Harmony’s “I’m In Love With A Monster”. Why oh why did they not make a music video for this? Regardless, if this isn’t on your Halloween party playlists, make sure you add it now!

Love Drunk

Our last obsession from this album is “Love Drunk”; it’s a party track that we could expect DJs remixing it to the extent where we’d hear it on every club dancefloor up and down the country. The song explains the moment when you fall for someone.

Little Mix’s Sophomore Album “Salute”


This is the album that spawned the least amount of singles and contained a lot of great potential. This is for all the competitive people out there, we all like a bit of competition from time to time, don’t we? What we don’t like is arguments, and that’s what these girls are singing about. It has a brilliant bridge at the end, that we could never forget about.

About The Boy

This track shows off the girls’ soulful emotional vocals until that chant-worthy chorus comes in and you’ll be giving it all that sass when singing this song. We imagine a super-cute music video for this, something along the lines of “Love Me Like You”.

A Different Beat

We can imagine this one kicked off brilliantly when they were on tour, with the crowds singing multiple lyrics back to Little Mix. It’s a cheerful and powerful song that does have a similar style to “Salute”, and would’ve worked well as a follow-up promotional single, at least.

See Me Now

Another Nicola Roberts penned track and it’s another killer song we adore. Catchy from start to finish that’s completely inspiring in every way. This is totally our motivation song because we all have what it takes to fulfil our dreams. The song reminds us of Katy Perry’s “Roar” mixed with their own single “Change Your Life”. We also imagine a tropical rainforest music video, just like the Katy Perry visual.

They Just Don’t Know You

This is our all-time favourite Little Mix album track; and, yet again, it was penned by Girls Aloud member, Nicola Roberts. We relate to this in so many ways, and we’ve actually been in this exact position a few times. The song is upbeat and would’ve been remixed like crazy and would probably be on most DJ sets – we actually could have seen it rise up high on charts around thw world. This song is a total treasure that deserves recognition. The concept reminds us of Britney Spears’ “Criminal” and we reckon a brilliant and interesting narrative music video would’ve accompanied the single release of this song; one that would’ve won awards and engrossed millions of people. Why was this a bonus track and not on the standard edition of the album? Why was this not a single? We love this too much.

Little Mix’s Third Studio Album “Get Weird”

Weird People

Probably our second all-time album track by Little Mix, “Weird People” had us all singing along upon its release. It was a promotional instant grat single for the album, and so did receive quite a bit of attention and even charted. This one was penned by Ed Drewett – known for many The Wanted, One Direction and Little Mix hit songs; as well as being a contestant on the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent. If a music video was released for this it would’ve related well to narrative-based music videos of “Black Magic” and “Love Me Like You” from this album.


How can we not include this one? It’s catchy from the get go with the girls’ vocals bringing it throughout. We haven’t heard anything like this, so why did they not release it as a single? Lyrics-wise it reminds us of Britney Spears’ “Oops!…I Did It Again”. We reckon this was a big hit when they were touring and we’re sure it would’ve done well on the UK chart if it had an official release.


Here’s another Halloween haunting track by Little Mix, and it’s one we totally love. It’s more of a ballad style until the beat drops after the chorus. This would’ve brought a brilliant music video, maybe an ode to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – that would’ve been our suggestion.

The Beginning

We can see why this one wasn’t released officially, but they could’ve switched it up for a proper release if they wanted to. It’s much more laid back, with the girls reflecting on how far they’ve come. It gives us a Fifth Harmony “Write On Me” feel and really showcases their amazing voices.

Glory Days

Oops (feat. Charlie Puth)

The one collaboration on this latest album and there wasn’t an official single release, let alone a music video. Considering they later went onto release new versions of “No More Sad Songs” and “Power” with Machine Gun Kelly and Stormzy respectively, they could’ve chosen this one instead. They also performed the song on The X Factor series 13 live final alongside Charlie Puth; we’re still surprised that it wasn’t released as a single and there wasn’t a music video either. We can rejoice in the fact that it charted at number 41 on the UK Official Singles Chart, as well as number 21 and number 49 on the Scotland Official Singles Chart and the Irish Singles Chart respectively. Still, we would’ve loved a classy music video, similar to Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor’s “Marvin Gaye”.

You Gotta Not

Imagine singing this song with your friends in the car. This is totally radio-friendly in every way and one we would love hearing during long car journeys. Not only that but it’s highly relatable with stunning vocals coming from all four girls. This would totally climb high on the charts if they had chosen to release it officially.

Down & Dirty

A total club track right here that we’ve heard on the dancefloor a few times already. It is pretty similar to “Power” so it’s understandable that it wasn’t released. It’s completely different to anything else we’ve heard and as much as we love it, realistically it probably wouldn’t be that popular. It reminds us of Girls Aloud’s “Sexy! No No No…” because of how different it is, and we reckon a similar music video would’ve worked.

Private Show

Now, this is one we all love. It’s a right party track that DJs would totally love to remix. There’s a lot going on in the backing track of the song, but Little Mix’s vocals stay on point all the way through. You’ll be singing along before the track finishes, and we don’t blame you if you get on your feet and start to dance – that’s what we’re doing right now.

That’s the end of our favourite Little Mix album tracks. Do you agree that these tracks deserve to be heard, should’ve been released as official singles, and should’ve had music videos? Did we miss any? Tell us your favourites on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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