Little Mix’s Secret Love Song Has Gone Platinum In The UK

Secret Love Song, the emotional, relatable, ballad and third single from Little Mix’s most recent album, Get Weird, has gone platinum in the UK. This is their second single to achieve this certification, after their upbeat pop song Black Magic was also certified platinum in the UK.

This means the single has sold 600,000 copies, with 100 streams being equivalent to 1 paid download. Since it first impacted UK radio on December 11th, 2015, Secret Love Song has truly become a fan favourite.

The song features Jason Derulo, who was inspired to work with Little Mix after watching their BBC Radio One Live Lounge cover of his song Want To Want Me. The softer nature of Secret Love Song allowed Jason to try something different with his voice, as he usually performs more upbeat, dance-inspired songs.

The music video for the single, currently with over 93 million views, does a wonderful job of portraying the sad tone and atmosphere of the song. The video shows the girls wondering around the streets of London at night in the midst of winter. Jason performs his part seperately in a dance studio.

Fans also appreciate Secret Love Song Pt.II, another version of the song featuring just the Little Mix girls that appears on the deluxe version of Get Weird. The structure and lyrics of the song are slightly different from the single version. Since there are no gendered pronouns and the song speaks of a romance that must be hidden, it has become an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community.

One of the beautiful things about Secret Love Song, as Little Mix themselves have said, is its ability to be interpreted in countless different ways. It speaks of a universal struggle: people who are in love but cannot show it. It can be applied to almost anyone’s specific situation, which makes the song so relatable, and contributes to its mass success.

Lyrics and meanings aside, Secret Love Song is also simply a beautiful song to listen to. Jesy and Jade open the song with verses tinged with longing and sadness. They blend into the belted, soaring chorus where Perrie gets to show off her perfected higher register. Jason performs his verse which gives the song a more of a pop-inspired sound. Later in the song, Leigh-Anne showcases her strong vocals with her signature “growling” edge. Other highlights of the song include Jesy’s remarkable high note and Jade’s gentle, angelic ending of the song.

This certification of Secret Love Song actually marks a couple of other special milestones for Little Mix. It is their 50th worldwide certification, and they are now the only girl group this decade to have 2 platinum UK singles. Now that’s something to celebrate!

So, congratulations Little Mix, on the platinum certification of this amazing song that has helped countless people around the world. For more Little Mix goodness, and to catch up on recent Little Mix news, click here.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.