Liz Cass explores the conflicting feelings of change in her newest single ‘Near Miss’

Liz Cass has released the official music video for her newest single ‘Near Miss’, the latest song off the release of her forthcoming debut album, due out for release on October 21st. ‘Near Miss’ is an immersive electro-pop song full of bouncy synths, soaring key strokes and an assortment of propulsive beats.

The music video, itself though, projects a mirroring performance from Liz, as gravity is reversed and refelts the conflicting feelings of embracing change. The music video was directed by Conrad Gamble and shot around Liz’s favourite East London haunts.

Speaking on the release of the single, Liz revealed that the story is about not wanting to give up on someone when they can’t figure out what they really want. When you’re not ready to let go but have that need to be able to look back and say you gave it everything you had.

Liz continues, “The song shows a different side to me and comes from a less melancholic place. I was in a better headspace when I wrote ‘Near Miss’ and wanted to reflect that with some really uplifting pop. There’s no more wallowing from me… At least for a while!”

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