Lo is falling in love on new single, ‘Naked’

'Naked' is Lo's latest single

Female Producer and Bubblegum Pop icon in the making, Lo has released her latest single, ‘Naked’

Here at CelebMix, we discovered Lo when she released the follow-up single to her ‘Good Good’ debut single, ‘Drumline’. Instantly, we had found our latest upcoming pop star to get psyched about so we covered an Artist 101 on Lo.

Lo is ready to add more music to her catalogue of singles, releasing her latest musical masterpiece, ‘Naked’. The new single has taken a more stripped down approach in comparison to the other singles, nevertheless, it’s still bursting with the sugary sweet production we crave from Lo. The track was produced by Lo alongside Paige Blue, who is the co-founder of their new production group titled, ‘GIRLS’.



There is no denying Lo is a bubblegum pop force to be reckoned with. Writing and producing all her own material, Lo is also a choreographer, adding all of her self-made dance routines into her own shows. Although, now a pop star on the rise, this wasn’t always the case. Lo found her feet into the music industry as a dancer originally whilst still working towards her Dance Scholarship at Vanderbilt University.

It wasn’t until Lo scored an internship at a publishing company, she realised making music was the way forward for her. From ‘Good Good’ to ‘Naked’, Lo is slowly preparing to take the pop world by storm. We’re excited to see what the future has in store for Lo and where’s she heading to in her music realm. Following single’s release, Lo will be releasing a dance video as well as an acoustic video of the song. She will also be playing shows in both Nashville and LA!

Lo’s latest single, ‘Naked is available to purchase and stream here.

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