Loreen Releases Music Video For “Hate The Way I Love You”

She’s the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner that is going down an experimental path. Loreen is gearing up to releasing her second studio album and we’re obsessed with the songs she has dropped recently. “Hate The Way I Love You” is her most-recent track; and, after dropping a teaser a few days ago, she has now released the full music video.

It is highly relatable to the previous music video for “’71 Charger“. The video feels like either a prequel or a sequel to that previous visual. It’s not surprising to see Loreen in the same sort of headspace and in the same location with her 1971 Dodge Charger.

The new music video is another six and a half minute visual. Pure art, once again. Loreen is proving that she is paving the way for a whole new path within the music industry. It was filmed at Nynäs slott & naturreservat. It was directed by Johan Lindeberg.

Watch Loreen’s Music Video For “Hate The Way I Love You” Here:

One thing is for sure, Loreen sure knows how to tell a story and envelope every single viewer into the art visual. The opening sees Loreen on a bed as a projector displays images over her and the walls as if she’s being haunted by memories.

We watch her go about her day, playing the piano and rowing across the water and driving her 1971 Dodge Charger. She goes exploring in the woods; running through them. Dusk falls and red smoke lights up the forest and she comes across a young girl. They embrace and Loreen takes her back to the car.

There’s so much going on in the music video, it’s hard to decipher. However, we believe that Loreen loses a child, hence the projector at the start of the visual. In one last desperate attempt, she goes running in the woods to find this little girl, and she’s so relieved to finally have found her. That’s what we get from this music video.

The song is available to stream and download right now. It serves as the second single from her upcoming studio album “RIDE” which will be released on 24 November 2017.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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