Louis Tomlinson is Taking Necessary Steps to Formally Establish Paternity of Freddie

Early on February 26th, after weeks of baby news involving Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth; a story broke that left fans wondering what has really been going on behind the scenes.

It was reported by TMZ first that there was animosity behind the scenes and Briana’s family was demanding more money before Louis was able to spend time with his child.  What’s strange about that narrative is that he has assumed full responsibility for Freddie, from day one.  As fans of One Direction know Louis’ heart is loving and compassionate so it’s hard to imagine that he’s not already going above and beyond to secure that Freddie has the best of everything he needs.

Stories surfaced in July of 2015, and have been in rotation since, that Briana was so happy to be having a child with Louis because it finally meant a way out for her.  Being pregnant with a child of a celebrity meant more money and more stability – these new accusations against Louis, saying his monthly allowance wasn’t deemed fitting enough, seem to highlight her desire for fame to take her out of her circumstance.


It seems that because of this, and perhaps other tension behind the scenes, lawyers went to court today to ask for the paternity of the child to be finally be formally established.  What this means for Louis and Briana is a paternity test and time to figure out what happens next – during this time a temporary agreement has been established between both parties.

Fans of Louis are rejoicing at the decision to finally get a paternity test done, as well as the general public.  For weeks it was questioned why this wasn’t done in the first place since Louis is a person of fame.  The story was that he was so trusting, there was no need for established paternity, but obviously things have changed behind the scenes.  Some fans believe he has questioned if the child was his for months and that these new demands were the perfect opportunity for him to know once and for all.  For whatever reason it may be, it’s a smart move on his part, and the part of his legal team to take this necessary step.   Louis doesn’t deserve to be taken advantage of.

TMZ broke the second part of the story within the last hour, so all of this news is certainly new.  While the next bit of time will determine what happens next for both Louis and Briana, we only hope it’s what’s best for everyone involved.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.