Louis Walsh returning to the X Factor?

Louis Walsh former judge of the iconic ITV show The X Factor is rumored to be getting back on the panel.

Not so fast, yes there is a possibility that Louis, who we all love and miss, may be talking to Simon Cowell himself to arrange his return to the show.

Louis told in Friday’s episode of Loose Women that he is in talks with the boss of the show and it’s a possibility for him to be back on board as a fifth judge.

Yes, not as a replacement but as a new addition to the panel.

If he returns to the show he is going to give the contestants unbiased comments and of course a little bit of his known humor.

This might one of the ways to help with the ratings of said show giving the fact that, as is known by us all, are lower than previous seasons.

As it’s been reported the creators of the X Factor are said to be dropping some major bombs for the return of this year season with the live shows.

Louis Walsh returning to the X Factor panel? 1

During his appearance at Loose Women the Irish star who started as a manager for bands like Westlife, said

‘Simon told me the door was open months ago, I talked to him last night. There’s a possibility I might end up on the show, but I don’t know for definite’

He also added ‘ I would like to. Im available. There is a possibility.  Is up to Simon and we get along very well, I have worked with him for 12 years, I talk with him all the time, there is a chance

Louis didn’t stop there and said that for him the X Factor is the best show in the world and is the most talked about, which yes, we agree.

The charismatic Louis didn’t refrain from saying how much he loves Cheryl and also said that Rita is amazing this year.

We all got the hint that Louis loves his former job when he said ‘I love doing X Factor, I love working with Simon. He is a bit of a loose cannon but he makes good TV. He is going to have the best TV show this year, he has four judges, does he need five?

Well we’ll have to wait and see if the show end up having one more addition when the live shows air, maybe it’s all that Simon needs to give it a blow of fresh air to charm the audience once again.

Written by CelebMix