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Luke Hemmings’ Top 20 On-Camera Moments!

From the beginning of the band’s career to the present, we’ve been able to capture so many of 5 Seconds of Summer’s moments and immortalize them on the internet. In honour of his 20th birthday (and in no particular order), here are 20 of our favourite on-camera moments from Luke Hemmings!

20. #5SOSTargetEmployeesOfTheMonth

Alex from Target was quickly replaced with Oscar from Target, and we’re alright with that. Ever have someone tag you in a picture that’s not so great? Pull an Oscar from Target.

19. Don’t Stop Music Video

Just another teenager trying to do some good in the world. Those darned youngsters! It’s ok, teenagers. This happens to superheroes as well. You’re not alone.

18. Hey Everybody Music Video

We wouldn’t mind working in an office if Luke Hemmings did in the same one – or if we also had the same sudden luxurious life that they did in the music video. Sounds like a fanfiction waiting to happen!

17. LA Tour Diary (Part 2)

Of course, we can always trust him to start an impromptu superhero dance party while in a Batman costume.

16. Vegemite Painting

In that moment, we all knew – Luke had been hiding his Vegemite painting skills all along.

15. Rock Sound interview

Luke gets real about the age-old genre debate.

14. 5SOS Retirees Go Rogue

What’s better than 5SOS dressing up as people who work at Target? Dressing up as senior citizens and going to Target. Here, Luke showed off his vocal range – while dressed like a grandma and singing the Family Guy theme song.

13. Try Hard Music Video

How many times did we watch this music video back in the day? Way too many times. Plus, we can’t forget that smiley face tee!

12. Billboard Music Awards Performance

This is more of a Luke/Calum/Michael moment – but once you hear him say “Everybody go nuts!” during “She Looks So Perfect”, you know this moment’s coming. This time, the world got to experience the same feeling.


We got pretty lost in the sea of old 5SOS Twitcams on the internet, but one thing’s for sure – this stream was definitely…memorable. Go Ninja Turtles.

10. 5SOS’ Kitten Adventure


We’re not quite sure how Capital FM even fit him into that cage, but we can never get enough of band members playing with animals. Especially Luke, and especially kittens.

9. Amnesia Music Video


He was serving us all the feels throughout this video.

8. She Looks So Perfect Music Video

We’re definitely appreciating the number of times he looks right into the camera.

7. #FallSongs on Jimmy Kimmel

Well, he tried his best to sound like System Of A Down. It’s an A for effort!

6. She’s Kinda Hot Music Video

There wasn’t very much of him in this music video, but every music video that he has the lip ring in has a special place in our heart.

5. 5SOS London Tour Diary (Part 1)

Let’s not kid ourselves – most of us have played around with Apple filters all too much. But somehow, it’s funnier when it’s Luke Hemmings as a chipmunk with a high-pitched voice!

4. 5 Second Rule (Ellen)

Well, to quote Hannah Montana, everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.

3. Behind the Scenes: Hey Everybody Music Video

When Luke’s alter ego, Lance was also living the dream! Come on, look at that outfit.

2. The “Put Some Stank On It” Keek

Couldn’t forget about this gem, now could we?

1. Thank You USA Video

This video is just iconic. If there’s only one 5SOSFam reaction picture you know, it’s definitely the one from this video.

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