The Lumineers Are Back And Their New Song Is Everything

The Lumineers almost instantly rose to fame back in the summer of 2012 with their indie-folk hit, Ho Hey, alongside their other songs like Stubborn Love and Flowers In Your Hair. Released the same year, the band’s first full-length self-titled album peaked at number 2 on Billboard’s 200 charts, and to this day remains a favorite to alternative and pop fans alike.

However, after a relatively small tour and understated album release, The Lumineers seemed to vanish. No singles were pressed after 2013, and fans waited anxiously for another tour or perhaps a new song. As another year passed without any sign of life, this hope, much like the band themselves, quickly disappeared.

After a hiatus of nearly four years, The Lumineers are back. Pulling a baby Beyonce, the band dropped a new single, Ophelia, on February 5th, along with an album and world tour announcement.

With the band’s exhausting hiatus, a general fear arose within fans that the new song would sound too different or unnatural to the band’s original sound. That fear was quickly put at ease once they actually heard the song.

Ophelia is just what you’d expect from The Lumineers and more. A mysterious, anthem-like song on the verge of folk, pop, and a little of something else; fans will be pleased to know that Ophelia is the darker sibling of Ho Hey.

The Lumineers’ new album, Cleopatra, is set to release on April 8th and is available for pre-order now. Watch the new music video for Ophelia here, and get tickets for the Cleopatra World Tour here.

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Written by CelebMix