Macklemore & Ryan Lewis collab with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran reached out on Twitter to all his fans earlier this week and announced that he had yet again collaborated on a new song, and this time, it’s with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, mostly known for their singles Thrift Shop or even Same Love released back in 2012. The duo hasn’t released anything since then but they come back after 3 years with yet another song.

The best part? Not only is Ed Sheeran and his soothing voice featured on the track but the track is up for free download! What are you waiting for? Just pay a visit to his website, and the song is yours to jam.

Now, this song isn’t just any song, it’s so special because Macklemore actually wrote it and dedicated it to his daughter born earlier this year, on May 29th. He also made his dedication quite clear as he mentions her name in the title of the song, if anyone was wondering who he was referring to as Sloane. Along with the release of the song, Macklemore also wrote a letter to go with it, fairly well explaining his mind process as he discovered he was going to be dad.

And just like he mesmerized people 3 years ago with the thoughtful lyrics of Same Love, once again he manages to do so. The song is about growing up, it’s about the do’s and don’ts of your teenage years, and it’s just a song in which he talks to his daughter. Perhaps I’m just a sensitive soul, but his lyrics just seem quite relatable and it’s just a glimpse into a celebrity’s train of thought, and maybe that’s really what makes it worth listening too.

Written by CelebMix