Hotting it up in LA, Made in Chelsea is back

In true Made in Chelsea style, the new LA series kicked off with hot guys, equally hot girls, and thrilling new relationship dramas, as well as some following on from the previous season.

The episode started off with our favourite Chelsea girls arriving in style to soak up the lavish LA life, while Jamie and JP went off for a hike to see great views – and we’re not just talking about the panoramic scenery.

Getting lost in the wilderness clearly has its perks, as out of the woods two attractive Americans, Naz and Tara, came running. With his and Jess’ relationship “over,” Jamie flirted his way into a convenient pool party invitation and made his way back onto the scene. Hiking really is like speed dating, right, Jamie?

Somewhere along the way, the whole crew, minus Mark – who was too busy changing his outfit for the third time that day and eyeing up that gorgeous new pair of sunglasses in Gucci – ended up at this party. With tensions riding high among our Chelsea lot, what better place is there to be than a LA gathering to set things straight?

Filled with men showing off their abs in low rise jeans, girls in gorgeous bikinis and bottomless margaritas, there was no doubt sparks would fly. And the team didn’t disappoint.  When the West London ladies met the West Coast babes, the discomfort was evident on everyone’s face. As the unspoken battle between Binky and Naz’s ‘I low-key want JP but I need to play it cool’ came to an end, we were left with huge relief. I mean, we don’t want a cat fight on the first episode.

Although we’re still going crazy over the (debatably) adorable JP and Binky, what really made us stop and stare was the awkward, poolside meeting of Jess and Naz, all with Jamie present – of course. However, before Naz swiftly departed, the pair did start getting friendly and, who knows, maybe they could share Jamie tips. She did, not-so-smoothly, get invited to dinner by the man himself, after all.

Jamie and Jess were then left to discuss their rocky relationship. Jamie was unmistakably annoyed about the way things ‘ended’ between them, the no contact symbolising that the pairing was no longer. Nevertheless, we’re pretty sure we caught Jess almost saying those three little words to him, but that’ll remain our little secret, Jess.

After that near miss, we were baffled by Jamie’s highly hypocritical words, “Just don’t date in front of me.” Sorry, but were you, or were you not flirting with Naz in front of Jess before she came over?

On a happier note, Jess and Toff met some hunky new lads whilst having a bit of a fitness session. Bryan, a construction engineer, and Cody, the ‘adrenaline junkie’ stunt man, are sure to make some more appearances in the episodes to come; as well as some more buzzing JP and Binky action. Who doesn’t love a man who buys you a curry for your birthday? Oh, and some new trainers.

So, with enough drama to fill all of our lives, I think it’s fair to say that Made in Chelsea: LA will be occupying our screen every Monday night; and that we’re certainly looking forward to discovering what they have in store for us throughout the rest of the series.

Written by CelebMix