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“Making A Scene With James Franco” Is Back For A 3rd Season

James Franco is back with the third season of his Emmy-nominated show, Making A Scene With James Franco. The show is now available to stream on blackpills, with new episodes airing every day. The show is being produced by INE Entertainment and Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions.

“Boyfriend + Pretty Little Liars” Credit: INE Entertainment, Rabbit Bandini Productions

The show will have several notable guest stars including Josh Peck, Liza Koshy, Kian Lawley, and Juno Temple, among others.

The show’s main focus is satire. Focusing on iconic moments in pop culture, Making a Scene takes an iconic movie scene, TV scene, or music video and presents it with a twist that is completely strange and random. A dartboard and a spinning wheel are used to determine the focus of each episode.

“Beyonce Express,” a mash-up of Beyonce’s Lemonade and Pineapple Express and “Like A Spidervirgin,” a mash-up of Spider-Man and Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” are two episodes that’ll be premiering.

The blackpills app is free and can be downloaded here.

Seasons 1 and 2 can be found on the AOL Originals YouTube page, or by clicking here for S1 and here for S2. 

“Beyonce Express” Credit: INE Entertainment, Rabbit Bandini Productions

James Franco is very widely known for his incredible career. From acting to directing, and even teaching, he has managed to leave a significant impact on the entertainment industry. This show only manages to continue to showcase the talent that Franco has.

And considering Franco has thrown his hands at all types of genres, he also seems like a great person to be spoofing pop culture. An icon of the culture himself, it only feels fair that he mocks it, too.

Are you enjoying this new season of Making a Scene With James Franco? If so, what’s been your favorite episode so far? Also, is this your first time watching the series?

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