Manel Navarro Sings A Eurovision 2017 Medley Acoustically

With only nine days to go, it’s important for the Eurovision 2017 acts to practice to make sure their song is perfect for the Grand Final. Well, that’s what you would expect the stars to be doing; instead, Manel Navarro, who will be representing Spain this year, has decided to take on his competitors, and have turned their songs into his own acoustic medley. Making us wish he would sing all the songs himself on the night.

Unleashing a relaxed vibe, we expect nothing less from him; he sits down with friends for a stripped back acoustic session, one we could listen to on repeat all day, and one we wish never has to end.



In the video, he starts the session off with the United Kingdom‘s song “Never Give Up On You” which is originally sung by Lucie Jones. We know he’s a fan of the song, claiming it as one of his favourites in an exclusive interview with us. They previously duetted at the London Eurovision Party, singing Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha’s “In The Name Of Love”, much to the delight from fans. He’s clearly connected to the song, and he easily adds the emotion that is needed.

Next, he sings “I Can’t Go On” which is the Swedish entry this year, originally sung by Robin Bengtsson. This is another act he has duetted with; they recorded a beautiful cover version of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”. Manel Navarro flips “I Can’t Go On” up by adding in harmonies with his backing singer. Although, it’s no surprise the ‘freaking beautiful’ hand sign shows up. We’ll all be doing that when the song comes on our television screens.

He continues this acoustic cover medley with Anja‘s “Where I Am“, this is the song that will represent Denmark. This one has a long intro before Manel Navarro adds his soulful vocals. He really feels this song, and the video shows just that.

Then the medley quickens up for another one of our favourite Eurovision entries from this year. It’s Moldova‘s song “Hey, Mamma!” originally sung by SunStroke Project. He also revealed that this was one of his favourites in our exclusive interview; that is evidently shown in the visual. Manel Navarro grooves out to this song while he sings it, smiling all the way through.

From an upbeat fun track to a slow emotional ballad; next in the medley is Norma John’s “Blackbird“, which will represent Finland. The song suits his voice perfectly, but then he surprises us all with some great vocals towards the end.

Lastly, is “Do It For Your Lover“, the song he will be singing on 13 May 2017, representing Spain. It’s nice to see that he loves this song and he loves to sing it. He will certainly be bringing the relaxation summer vibe to Eurovision this year.

Watch Manel Navarro’s Eurovision 2017 Medley Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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