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MARAUDA Turns It Loose on “Future Stomp”

Based in Australia, MARAUDA introduces his new single, “Future Stomp,” unleashing his heavy bass sound with his signature ferocious flair via Malignant Music.

MARAUDA, aka Hamish Prasad, began his assault on the music industry when he was 16-years-old utilizing the name Mastadon. Reinventing himself as MARAUDA, his distinctive take on bass music resulted in a North American tour, as well as performances at Bass Canyon, Global Dub Festival, and Lost Lands, where his show last September pulverized the atmosphere into submission.

Since his debut EP, Malignant, which contained the hit singles “Rip” and “Casket,” MARAUDA has released his EP, Decimate, along with official remixes of Herobust’s “WTF” and “King Is Back,” Snails’ hit song. In 2019, he dropped the EP, Elevate, featuring the screamo restiveness of “Blunder” and the innovative basslines of “Home.”

In addition, he has collaborated with Trampa, Yakz, and SKisM.

MARAUDA’s inimitable sound features not only premium production values, but massive allocations of divided, aggressive bass, and kaleidoscopic arrangements hammering out swashbuckling brio. Now at the age of 20, MARAUDA is at the top of his game.

“Future Stomp” opens on majestic, bellowing reverberations, followed by rapid-fire percussion flowing into a skull-splitting, thrumming bassline elevating to blistering muscularity as rippling, swirling, intertwining textures surge with sonic gusto.

Pressurized with resounding, nastily tight surface edges, as if from the center of an escalating atomic hurricane, “Future Stomp’s” crushing succession of harmonic cause and effect paralyzes listeners with full-spectrum dominance.

On “Future Stomp,” MARAUDA struts his unfettered talent for combining hypertrophic resonance with the intractable pull of gravity.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.