Marianas Trench release new single ‘I Knew You When’

Marianas Trench has released ‘I Knew You When’ there new single, and have revealed they are currently shooting a music video for it.

While having a catchy beat the song overall has a sad tone that leaves you reminiscing about past loves. Boasting strong harmonies and catchy lyrics throughout. The song also gives fans a hint at the musical direction the next album will take.

Fans took to twitter to express how much they are loving the new track.

Talking about the song on twitter lead singer Josh Ramsey explained “This is about long term, messy, real life love. Love with consequence. Not about drunken lust, or doing shots in a bar, or “living life for just tonight,” but the kind of real-life relationship that takes a decade to build, through ups and downs. If I’ve learned one thing in my life as a performer it’s this; if you’re going to sing a song every night for the rest of your career, you better mean it – and I do,”

This song comes in the lead up to the bands 5th album which they are currently teasing along side new tour dates across there social media so keep an eye out for more announcements by following them here.

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