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Premiere: Marina Kaye Gives Us All The Feels in Acoustic Rendition of “Twisted”

We have said it once and we will say it again: we are huge fans of Marina Kaye over here at CelebMix and we are especially loving her latest pop-banger “Twisted”.

It is therefore a great honor to be able to premiere an even more emotional but stripped-down version of her release. Originally recorded with Wonderland Magazine, the audio has now been remastered and officially been given a release as a standalone single. This new rendition takes away all instruments except for a single piano which accompanies Marina tenderly on her moving journey.

The acoustic version lends a new meaning to the song and truly showcases the raw emotions within not only the lyrics but also within Marina’s vocal performance. Sad and calming at the same time, “Twisted” is -in its new form- the perfect addition for your winter playlist.

Talking about the importance of “Twisted” to her, Marina Kaye explained to us that “Twisted is such a special song melodically. Fully produced when the chorus takes off it’s a perfect pop song“. She further told us why she wanted to record a special, acoustic version: “When you strip it down and only use a piano, it has this haunting vibe to it that I love so much. It also allows me to focus the song on my voice which offers a more emotional experience around the track. This is why I wanted to give people an acoustic version of the song.

And we are more than glad that she blessed us with it.

Watch the the acoustic rendition right here:

Also feel free to listen to the original right here:

“Twisted” and its acoustic version are now available to stream and purchase on the digital retailer and platform of your choice.

It was released via PIAS Recordings today.

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