Max & Harvey relive their ‘School Daze’ on new podcast series

Max & Harvey have launched their first ever podcast ‘School Daze’.

Airing every Tuesday and Friday, the 17-year-olds relive their school days through memorable and hilarious anecdotes from their lives in the classroom.

Max & Harvey’s School Daze features appearances from friends Wes Nelson, Eyal Booker and Holly H across the series which is streaming on Spotify.

The twins are ready to share advice with listeners who share their school dilemmas in the ‘Ask Mr Mills’ segment whilst also tackling topics such as bullying, sexuality and identity too in a ‘Look After You’ feature.

“We couldn’t believe it when Spotify asked us to create our own podcast,” the duo shared. “It’s so awesome that we’re going to be able to relive some of the best days of our lives and so many other people’s, including our incredible guests!”

“We can’t wait to hear from all our listeners about their questions and dilemmas they may be facing at school.”

The latest venture for the pioneering boys, ‘School Daze’ comes after the success of CBBC show ‘FOMO’, which also sees a new series launching on November 21st.

Max & Harvey are best known for their pop presence with hits such as ‘Trade Hearts’ and ‘Stranger’, also appearing on X Factor Celebrity in 2019.

CelebMix caught up with the brothers earlier this year as they stopped off in Newcastle on their headline U.K. tour.

‘School Daze’ is streaming now.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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