Meek Mill: an authentic rapper

In a recent interview Meek Mill made it clear that he writes his own songs and is a genuine rapper. He stated in America everybody knows who writes their own rap and who doesn’t. He went onto say how hard he works at his raps as he might stay in the studio for hours on end just to write one rap song.

He wanted to be crystal clear and make sure all his fans knew exactly who is behind his songs by stating: ‘Meek Mill writes all his own sh*t.’

Shia Labeouf was recently seen going viral on YouTube as he laid down a freestyle rap. However people have picked up that he was not behind the rap and was just covering a rap written by ‘Anomalies’ but did not mention this fact to anyone.

What seems to have Meek Mill successful in his genre is the fact he talks from the heart, the same can be said of rap greats like Eminem who have clearly made it to the top.

Just like most rappers Meek has lived a rough life growing up as he told us he has been fired at by people who didn’t know why they wanted to kill him they just wanted to at the time. Notorious B.I.G back in the day released plenty of raps saying how hard it was growing up with no money but his mother said this was all false and that he went to a private school and his family were reasonably well off.

Meek also said that his favourite rapper at this current time is Dej Loaf due to the fact she raps with such passion.

Written by CelebMix