Meet The Departure

Meet The Departure

The Departure is a rock/pop-punk band from Salt Lake City, UT that believes music can help people in many ways, which is why they strive to create songs that people can identify with and relate to throughout the good times and the bad.

With the youngest member being 16, each member of The Departure holds something special to back up their theory of helping others. Ryan DeBlanc, lead vocalist and one of the guitarists, was introduced to rock music and his first guitar by the age of six. By the time he was a young teen, he knew music was his path and his passion. Ryan says his inspiration comes from a “dark place” that he hopes his fans can relate to.

Max Hedding, bassist, is passionate about music and progressing on his instrument. He feels that he keeps the rhythmic foundation of the band tight while creating interesting melodic passages in the songs.

Gavin Allein, drummer, gained his love for music when he realized that it could help him get through the tough times in life. He hopes to help others with the music that The Departure creates.

Dylan, keyboardist, has been playing the keyboard since the age of five. By the age of ten, he started classical training through a combination of private lessons and self-teaching.

Aidan McDonald, second guitarist, and composer, developed an interest in playing music after going to a Green Day concert, which both inspired and fueled his love for music. For years, he has searched for the right group of musicians who share his passion and drive for making music.

With each member of the band having such passion for music, it’s no wonder why their sound blends so perfectly together. For a band to succeed, that connection has to be there, especially if they’re a band that wants to help others. Check out their latest EP Gateways free below.

Written by Melanie Gomez

Hi! I'm Mel. I graduated with a BA in print journalism with music management as my minor. I loved music since I was a kid because it was always a way my family and I bonded, as well as a way to express myself on my own time as I got older. I’m not a singer and I don’t play an instrument, so my way of being part of the music industry is by getting to write about the music I love in various reviews and through my concert photography. Another goal? To make people smile.

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