Megan explodes in the Celebrity Big Brother House

Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother is another one not to be missed as Megan has a massive rant when John brings up the cleanliness of the toilets in discussion.

In the bedroom, housemates are talking about cleanliness in the house. Megan confirms that she cleans her stuff up. John says it’s also the toilets and bathroom that need cleaning, and says that they are going to have a big house meeting about cleaning.

Megan turns angry, and explains she has ‘had a drink’ tonight, and says she cleans sh*t up and washes dishes in the house, “It angers me in here that people do jack sh*t!” She tells John he should speak to Stephanie directly to clear her sh*t up, rather than talking about it when she’s not around.

Some housemates try to calm Megan down, she shouts, “Tell her to clean her sh*t up, John! I’m the f*cking one telling the truth in here cos everyone’s so scared to f*cking telling truth apart from me. It’s always John ‘I’m the perfect one’. I f*cking respect people in here, John. I respect people but I’ve lost it in here with you!”.

Tiffany adds fuel to the inferno in the bedroom when she laughs at Megan. Megan tells Tiffany that she doesn’t know why she’s laughing when she was the only one that stuck up for her when John decided that she had to go.

“I don’t know why you’re laughing Tiffany; he’s the one who wanted everyone to walk out of this house for you! I stood up for you!”

At first Big Brother calls Megan to the bathroom to try and defuse the situation, but the shouting continues and Megan is brought to the diary room.

In the diary room, Megan screams: “I’m sick of it! I’m sick of the fakeness! He’s a liar. He slates Tiffany to the ground. You know what, there’s a few people who agree with me.”

With Megan’s shouting only getting worse and the reality TV star become more abusive, Big Brother has to resort to sending in security to calm her down.

These scenes air on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.

Written by CelebMix