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Meskerem Mees Releases Debut Album – ‘Julius’

Belgian-based singer-songwriter Meskerem Mees drops her debut album, Julius, featuring her song “Man of Manners.”

According to Consequence of Sound, “Meskerem Mees enchants from the moment she opens her mouth.”

Meskerem won the Montreux Jazz Talent Award and will tour Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands in 20220.

Encompassing 13-tracks, highlights on Julius include “Seasons Shift,” a song reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, traveling on a gleaming guitar backed by the vibrant flow of Febe Lazou’s magical cello. “Blue and White” opens on the sounds of soft breaking waves accompanied by Lazou’s graceful cello. Meskerem’s acoustic guitar enters, along with her velvety voice, imbuing the tune with lush, graceful hues.

“Queen Bee” pumps out potent layers of folk-pop music, conjuring up memories of the Everly Brothers and Tracy Chapman. Radiant vocal harmonies give the song a buoyant feel-good savor. Akin to Bob Dylan, “Man of Manners,” mirrors the best of protest music as Meskerem’s cashmere voice narrates a tale of soldiering and war. Lazou’s redolent cello infuses the song with willowy leitmotifs.

A personal favorite, “A Little More About Me,” pushes out Celtic tones topped by Meskerem’s scrumptious sing-song voice. The blend of guitar and cello is warm and supple, giving the flow of the song a charming undulation.

The last track, “How to Be Alone,” at once gentle and compassionate, glistens with a beautiful guitar as Meskerem’s gilded voice glides forth.

What makes Meskerem’s music so unique is her voice, brimming with tonal nuances and inflections that inject the lyrics with luscious distinctions.

Julius is superb, allowing Meskerem Mees the opportunity to strut her crème de la crème voice and her divine lyricism.

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