Single cover art for "Could Be You" by Michael Calfan featuring Danny Dearden, we see the back of Michael Calfan as he looks through hazy curtains

DISCOVER: Michael Calfan And Danny Dearden Collaborate For The Second Time On New Track “Could Be You”

It’s rare to see two artists collaborate a second time, but Michael Calfan and Danny Dearden have joined forces again, last week, for their new single, titled “Could Be You”. The song follows up Michael Calfan’s “Wild Game” which featured Monique Lawz, and Danny Dearden’s feature on Aexcit’s “Good To Go“.

Michael Calfan is a French DJ and producer. He was discovered by Bob Sinclair and he has been building quite a large fanbase since he started in the music industry, which has led him to receive success including charting singles in various countries; they include the likes of “Resurrection” and “Treasured Soul”, the latter of which managed to peak on the UK chart at number 17, as well as charting in different countries across Europe. His single “Nobody Does It Better” is his most-streamed track on Spotify with over 61 million streams. His success has led to him gaining a set at major music festivals around the world.

As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time these two artists have collaborated, they teamed up for the track “It’s Wrong” which became Danny Dearden’s most-streamed single to-date gaining over 2 million streams on Spotify, they’re hoping “Could Be You” will follow suit. Danny Dearden is a singer-songwriter, who was a contestant on the 11th series of The X Factor, where he made it to the Judges’ Houses stage. Since then, he has been gigging, writing, and releasing. His collaboration with Erlandsson “Different Kind Of Love”, his feature on David Hopperman’s “Not Giving Up On You”, his feature on “One Love” by Diviners & ENV, and his track “Take On The World” featuring The Holografik are his second, third, fourth, and fifth most-streamed tracks on Spotify, respectively. He has been in the studio writing with NXTGEN and, and he has a lot of exciting new music on its way – which we cannot wait for.

The song has been written by Danny Dearden, Kelli-Leigh Henry-Davila, and Michael Calfan, the latter also produced the track. House music pours from the track from the get-go, but in a more relaxing feel. Then Danny Dearden’s awesome vocals cut in with a strength we haven’t heard from him before. You can really tell when an artist has connected with a song because you can hear their emotions within their voice and this is exactly what we here from Danny Dearden. The song doesn’t have a lot in the way of lyrics, but Michael Calfan makes up with that with the groovy backing track, and Danny Dearden impresses on the vocals. We’re also very happy to see that Kelli-Leigh was a co-writer on the track too – she is such an underrated artist.

Listen To Michael Calfan’s New Single “Could Be You” Featuring Danny Dearden Here:

“Could Be You” is available to download and stream right now, via Spinnin’ Deep. We hope they make even more music together as “It’s Wrong” and “Could Be You” are both fire!

Also, while you have the chance to, why not vote for Danny Dearden in the CelebMix Awards, he’s nominated for the Rising Star category. You can vote once per day, per device. Voting ends December 17, 2019 – so get voting!

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