Michael Medrano Refuses to “Love Somebody Else” on Latest Single

After leaning on fellow independent artist Steve Grand for emotional support on their “Heal” collaboration, Los Angeles-based Michael Medrano appears to still be haunted by the memories of a previous relationship on the somber yet infectious “Love Somebody Else”, the artist’s second single release this year.

“Love Somebody Else” finds Medrano stubbornly fixated on a former lover, putting his happiness in jeopardy by holding onto a tiny glimmer of hope for reconciliation that clearly only he sees. Acknowledging the ex’s flaws yet still making excuses for their behavior, only leaves the artist lost and unable to move forward.

Following a soft, piano-led intro, with Medrano feeling alone even when in his lover’s arms, the energy of the new song picks up when the chorus rolls around. However, the catchy production is juxtaposed with the artist’s fragile vocal performance, simply masking the hurt and creating a short distraction from reality.

Even as the artist tries to move on, finding temporary relief in a sea of new, beautiful faces, every stranger’s kiss takes him back to the beginning of recovery. “I know I deserve more than you, you took my heart, you stole my youth, boy I’ve got everything to lose, how do I live without you,” the artist questions on the hook.


“‘Love Somebody Else’ is reflective. I was seeing this version of myself and my relationship that was not honest. I had to face that head on,” Medrano says of the new release. “I was looking into a shattered reflection and choosing to piece everything back together even after the damage was done.”

As with Medrano’s previous releases, the new “Love Somebody Else” excels thanks to a willingness to be vulnerable, to share the expected pain that comes with the deterioration of a relationship. Paired with a convincing delivery and honest songwriting, Medrano is continuing down a commendable path to extend his artistic reach and expand his audience.

“Love Somebody Else” immediately strikes a relatable chord with listeners, demands constant play, and puts the spotlight on an artist tirelessly working to find his own sound and voice, and in this case, the strength to leave a destructive past behind him for good.

What are your thoughts? Does “Love Somebody Else” properly convey the mixed emotions that come with a breakup?

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Written by Luis Gonzalez

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