Michelle Keegan is rumoured to be Doctor Who’s new assistant

Michelle Keegan is now bookies favourite to be replacing Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who. Jenna has now confirmed she has quit the series and filmed her last scene. However, her replacement has yet to be cemented.

Ladbrokes have lowered their odds from 10-1 to 4-1 for Michelle to be the Doctor’s new assistant.

Jessica Bridge from Ladbroke’s said: ‘Michelle is just what the Doctor ordered. As far as the odds are concerned, she’ll be entering the Tardis sooner rather than later as his assistant.’

This move might make a lot of sense for Michelle. As new husband Mark Wright wants them to be like Marvin and Rochelle Humes, working together as a celebrity couple. Still, Michelle does not want to fall into this cheesy category.

Apparently the couple have had a shaky start to their marriage due to this disagreement.

More importantly to the show’s fans X-factor is now beating Doctor Who in the ratings war, perhaps this will be what turns the show around.

Written by CelebMix