MIREI returns with trap-fused remix of “Let Me Be”

Japanese songstress MIREI is back with her latest single “Let Me Be” – which has been given an uptempo trap-influenced remix, featuring rap vocals from Dai Burger.

MIREI - "Let Me Be" single artwork.

The remix of “Let Me Be” takes the song to another level. In contrast to the original version’s midtempo 90s inspired R&B sound, the remix has a trap fused beat with elements of tropical house and future bass. If you thought the original version of the track was too slow for your liking, then you’re sure to love the remix! American rapper Dai Burger also puts her own spin on the remix with a unique rap verse.

“This song is simply about being the realest, most authentic version of myself and doing things my way,” MIREI explained. “This remix has a totally different vibe and beat from the original and I just love the future bass, reggaeton vibe that I can dance to.”

She revealed that the remix came about after her producer, Zak (who has helped to produce her entire upcoming album) played around with the song’s instrumental, with the two deciding to make a remix out of it.

MIREI also knew that she wanted Dai Burger to feature on the remix upon listening to it. “She’s an inspiration – so independent, confident, and cute at the same time!” she said.

“Her part of the track adds a different element to it – she raps like she’s talking to me and the person at odds with.

“It felt natural having a friend jump on the track and made it feel more like a girls’ anthem with different perspectives overall.”

The release of “Let Me Be” and its accompanying remix follow up from the release of MIREI’s debut international single, “Take Me Away”, which we previously premiered.

We also got the chance to talk to MIREI herself about the song and her upcoming international debut studio album, also titled “Take Me Away”, which is set for release on 31st January 2020.

The remix of “Let Me Be” is officially out now, and you can listen to it below:

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