MIXTAPE REVIEW: Kehlani – While We Wait

Bay Area singer/songwriter, Kehlani, has made an anticipated comeback into 2019 after releasing her mixtape While We Wait. It is only fitting to have a title like this after writing and recording music with a baby girl on the way!

Staying true to those R&B roots, Kehlani soulfully tells the truths and realties of her past relationships. This mixtape focuses on what it is like to fall in and out of love and demonstrates what she has gone through before entering a relationship, during a relationship, and after leaving a relationship.


“Footsteps” is the opening track and the epitome of classic R&B – setting the perfect tone for the rest of the mixtape. The snare drums are similar to the style that the late R&B singer, Aaliyah, used in many of her own songs. This track also includes a sample of Omarion’s iconic single “Ice Box” and features the king of R&B himself, Musiq Soulchild. Kehlani and Musiq Soulchild play the roles of two lovers who face a fatal attraction. They accept each other’s differences and understand why they cannot be together, but still have hope that there is a chance to save their falling relationship.

Too Deep

“Too Deep” captures the frustrations of having mixed emotions for someone into one song. The darker tone of the beats helps the singer express how she does not want to become too emotionally attached to her “fling”. As the song goes on, the listeners begin to realize that she is already in “too deep” with how she feels about this person.


The slang word “Nunya” refers to the saying “none of your business” and adds a light and humorous feeling to the track. “Nunya” tells the tale of how her ex constantly checks up on her, even after she has moved on. This has easily become the ultimate break-up anthem that will help her fans pull themselves back up after leaving a relationship. The sassy, hard-hitting beats of the bass will have them turning this song up on full volume and singing along to the lyrics with all their friends.

Morning Glory

If we had to chose a favorite song off this mixtape, “Morning Glory” would fit that spot. This song is all about knowing your worth and finding someone who appreciates you inside and out. Along with the classic hip-hop drum beats, groovy melody, and smooth vocals, Kehlani also offers a little rap feature that reminded us of the lovely ladies of TLC – a glorifying track indeed!


Having “feels” is another slang term to describe what it’s like to like someone so badly that it hurts. It is that burning desire to want to be with someone who makes you feel bubbly inside. This song encapsulates just that. Kehlani’s demographic of fans (teenagers and young adults) should all be able to resonate with the lyrics behind this track and will definitely be having it on repeat! Even if you aren’t of that age group, this song will still have you feeling like a teenager in love all over again. We hope Kehlani choses to make “Feels” her next single, as we can imagine it would top the charts and make a great radio hit!

Nights Like This

“Nights Like This” became a single about a month prior to the release of While We Wait. With a relatable story, a catchy chorus, and Ty Dolla $ign featured, it is no surprise that this song was released as the first single from the mixtape. On this track, the musician reflects on a toxic relationship she once had and admits that she still misses it – something that most people can say they have experienced in their lives.


“RPG” explores the many insecurities that Kehlani faced while being in this particular relationship. The piano creates a more laid-back and chilled vibe which differs from the rest of the tracks on this mixtape. 6lack plays the role of her lover and tries to explain his actions as Kehlani questions why she has to constantly ask for love and affection from him.


“Butterfly” is a relaxing song that shows a more personal side of the artist. The 23-year-old singer uses a butterfly as a metaphor for what she wants in this new relationship. Like a caterpillar breaks free from it’s cocoon and turns into a beautiful butterfly, Kehlani hopes that she can break the walls that her and her partner have built around themselves, open up to each other, and create something beautiful between them two. The conga drums adds a poetic essence to it, especially with the spoken word lyrics that come at the end of the song.

Love Language

Like “Butterfly”, Kehlani also expresses her desire to get to know more about her partner in “Love Language”. The sound of the xylophones in this track gives the mixtape a playful and positive ending.

Overall, While We Wait is an undeniably outstanding mixtape with the perfect balance of love and lust. We are so glad to have Miss Kehlani back in business and cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for this talented musician!

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Written by Sydney Rae