Momentum is building for the Ghostbusters reboot


Momentum is building for the Paul Feig-directed GHOSTBUSTERS reboot- even more so now that it has been rumoured that three of the original stars, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson, are on board alongside main stars Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

This looks like being a wise move  – after all, the original cast have been so ingrained into our psyche with the blockbuster, which yielded a 1989 sequel – and countless rumours over many years that a third would be on the way.

Some fans do resist reboots without reference to the very movies they inspire, so it does at least ensure that fans may get a glimpse of those actors. At present, no word on whether they are playing the original characters, or brand new ones to allow the newbies to take centre stage.

I anticipate that there will be an on-screen tribute for the co-writer and co-star of the film, Harold Ramis, who died sadly in 2014 through illness. I hope so, as he was very much the heart and soul of the original film, which saw the heroes battle demon Gozer near Central Park.

GHOSTBUSTERS first bowed in the Summer of 1984 and, alongside INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and GREMLINS, was one of the movies to see that year. Release schedules back then weren’t as compact and worldwide as they are now, so the film didn’t bow in the UK until Christmas 1984, where it then went on to become not only the hit of the season, but also the Number 1 UK film of 1985. The teaser above played on BBC2’s ENTERTAINMENT USA show in the Spring of 1984 and the now-famous ‘No Ghosts’ logo began to appear in teaser posters in UK cinemas during the Summer with the tagline ‘COMING TO SAVE THE WORLD – THIS CHRISTMAS

(Incidentally, Joe Dante’s GREMLINS will be getting a special quartet of screenings in 70mm at London’s Prince Charles Cinema in November 2015, with Billy Peltzer himself, Mr. Zach Galligan, introducing the film, answering questions and hanging out with fans afterwards. Tickets at www.princecharlescinema.com)

The GHOSTBUSTERS reboot calls in for duty in July 15th, 2016.





Written by CelebMix