MOVIE REVIEW: Ross Lynch Updates His Life Status In Brand New Movie ‘Status Update’

If you loved the iconic Zac Efron movie ‘17 Again‘, then Ross Lynch’s new movie ‘Status Update‘ will be right up your street!

Ross Lynch’s portrays the role of Kyle, a Californian, starting a new life in Connecticut with his mum and sister. Kyle’s mum was tired of her husband being a jobless and irrational man – however, Kyle didn’t see his father in that light and turned against his mum for separating them.

On Kyle’s first day of high school, we meet a lot of the stereotypical cliques that exist in every high school – no matter where you go. You’ve got the nerd – also now known as Kyle’s best friend – Lonnie (Harvey Guillen), the girl of his dreams with the voice of an angel – Dani (Olivia Holt),and the Jock that everybody worships – Derek (Gregg Sulkin).

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When Derek destroys Kyle’s phone during a game of hockey, using it as a puck, in the high school hallways, Kyle rushes to the mall in hopes of repairment. He meets a kiosk operator (Instragram celeb – Josh Ostrovsky), who replaces Kyle’s broken phone and convinces him to try out his brand new app, ‘U-niverse’.

The app was created to help Kyle live out all of his fantasies – with just one sentence, Kyle is about to make every dream come true. His dad and car are transported to Connecticut, he can fight like Bruce Lee, sing/dance like Bruno Mars and his lacks of skills in Hockey soon disappears and is replaced with a talent much better than Derek’s. Kyle soon becomes the person every guy wants to be and every girl wants to date. Is all of the popularity worth it though?

Recycled materials doom lowbrow teen comedy 'Status Update'

Of course, the wishes don’t come as smoothly as Kyle expected, as you have to be extremely specific with what you are asking for or it will result in some cringe-worthy but hilarious moments. Before Kyle could sing like Bruno, he had the voice of a female Opera singer and before he became a professional Hockey player, he graced the Hockey team with a very elegant performance as a skater.

What started with a way to impress Dani; taking her on her very own personal Ferris Wheel ride and bonding over song-writing – Kyle soon loses touch with what he had and aims to take over Derek’s world – leaving him with nothing. He soon enough becomes THE Jock, has all of the Hockey team on his side and get’s the hottest girl in school. Derek, however, loses his place on the Hockey team, sits alone at lunch and loses his girlfriend – it could be because Gregg Sulkin is portraying this character, but it becomes hard to not feel sorry for the poor guy.

When Kyle’s phone breaks once again and the app crashes, he faces losing the girl of his dreams and his best friend forever. It is most definitely a ‘careful what you wish for’ movie and like any kind of movie in that genre, Kyle now has to decide whether he wants the popularity or the people who were there for him from the beginning. Although Kyle does get everything he wants in the end, his intentions are a lot different than characters in these type of movies, where they usually thrive for the hottest girl and a million friends – Kyle does not. Kyle never wanted the hottest girl in school, he’s wanted Dani from start to finish and he never wanted a million friends behind him, he continued being a best friend to Lonnie – all he wanted was to destroy Derek’s reputation. However, his new lifestyle just isn’t what the two wanted to get involved in and after being let down by him multiple times they were done with Kyle.

We definitely think Kyle did the right thing in the end, of course! Who wouldn’t want a beautiful duet between Ross and Olivia?

Whilst you could say this type of movie has been made multiple times before, you’re still going to love ‘Status Update’ no matter what! It’s the perfect light-hearted comedy to watch on a lazy Sunday when you’re feeling too sluggish to watch a movie that requires a lot of thinking and complications.

Ross Lynch is absolutely killing the acting game at the moment with ‘Status Update’, ‘My Friend Dahmer’ and now ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. He’s just a phenomenal superstar we can’t help but swoon over!

‘Status Update’ is available now to stream now on iTunes! 

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