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Music Introducing: Hollie Carmen

Yesterday we told you about Hollie Carmen following the release of her new single Plan B. To give her a proper introduction to CelebMix we had a chat with the London singer-songwriter about her musical inspirations and future aspirations.

Plan B is a self-love filled track, reminding everyone and yourself that being a second option is never an option. Having worked with Oscar Scheller on the track known for his collaborations with Lily Allen and Mabel (aka pop queens!) it’s no wonder that sultry Plan B has become one of our favourite tracks of the year so far. Bursting on to the scene in 2018 with singles Warrior Love and Butterflies, Hollie specialises in emotive tracks where her feelings are laid out bare which makes it hard to not relate to many of the lyrics being sung. We love what we’ve heard of Hollie Carmen so far, so we jumped at the chance to find out more about her music from the lady herself!

Hi Hollie, first and foremost can you describe your sound in five words for readers?
Hmmmm. I’d say honest, soulful, raw, natural and live.

You released your new single Plan B recently, can you tell us more about the track?
I’m so excited! It’s super bouncy and fun but lyrically very honest and empowering. It’s really about finding your power and having the courage to walk away when you’re not being treated right. 

Your debut single Warrior Love was released last year, how has your musical journey been since its release?
Wow I can’t believe it’s been so long- It’s been a crazy year! Musically I’ve grown SO much…And on a personal level too. Life and music definitely go hand in hand for me as I can only write about real experiences. Its been amazing to work and learn from incredible musicians and writers, and I’ve also learnt no one can tell your story better than you! Collaborating with the right people and also writing alone are both incredibly important for me. 

Butterflies is poppy number which feels like you’re letting us into the personal depths of your feelings. When writing tracks where does your inspiration come from? Are there any topics you love or find yourself swaying towards writing about?
It definitely is incredibly personal, I was nervous putting that out! My inspiration really comes from life, love, relationships, and every word is always 100% honest. I do write a lot about society and how most of us try to “fit in” when really we are all special in our own ways. Maybe you’ll hear more of that later down the line… 

Which artists which you listened to have inspired the sound you have today?
So many it’s hard to name a few! Definitely Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, more recently Anderson Paak. Basically anything Mowtown and 90s rnb. But I grew up listening to Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock.. the list goes on! 

What can you tell us about your debut EP we’ve seen you mention? What can readers expect from it?
Expect a lot of honesty. It’s literally like a snippet of my diary! Sonically it’s definitely got a live soulful bouncy feel.

In five years time, what do you want to have achieved musically?
I have big aspirations. At least one album out with a second on the way. And a sold-out tour! 

What’s on the cards for 2019?
Other than my debut EP and a couple of live shows in the pipeline.. I will be working harder than ever in the studio making great music and who knows- maybe even a headline tour so watch this space. 

Yesterday alongside the release of Plan B which can be purchased from here, Hollie Carmen announced her debut EP also entitled Plan B is set for release on 20th March. In order to go in to release day in style, Hollie will be playing a special EP launch show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, London the day before the EP release (19th March). Tickets are on sale on Friday (1st March) from here.

Hollie Carmen

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