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Music Video Premiere: Annabel Gutherz Unveils “Barcelona (Live Version)”

Montreal-based singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz introduces the visuals for “Barcelona (Live Version),” a track from her debut album Loose Ends. Along with “Barcelona,” Annabel is releasing live versions and videos of “Checkmate” and “Bloomer” – a trio of songs called Loose Ends Sessions.

Annabel explains, “‘Barcelona’ is a song about romance in the thick of summer’s whimsy and getting lost in love! I was very intentional with all my musical and lyrical choices for this song as I really wanted to transport listeners and provide them with an almost-tactile sonic experience!”

Recorded in Montreal at Studio Piccolo, Loose Ends Sessions features Dominique Messier (drums) and Kaven Girouard (guitar), two of Céline Dion’s long-time band members.

Talking about why she selected these three songs, Annabel shares, “Each song pulls from a unique sonic palette and topically explores a different facet of my life’s expanding mosaic of stories, which is why I thought they would be especially fun to perform.”

In 2018, Annabel released her debut single, “Legends,” a song whose proceeds go to education-based charities. She followed by enhancing her musical abilities at Berklee College of Music. October 2021 saw her release Loose Ends, a collection of 11-tracks akin to a personal memoir full of cathartic revelations.

Melodic Magazine called Loose Ends “a pure, intimate coming-of-age album that does well to introduce us to who Annabel is as a person and as an artist.”

“Barcelona” opens on luscious Spanish-laces leitmotifs – a creamy, sensuous guitar and gentle rhythmic pulse, rippling with snapping fingers percussion. Annabel’s delicious, slightly nasal voice imbues the lyrics with subtle tonal nuances, posh and swanky. It’s a crème de la crème voice rife with bewitching timbres, at once voluptuous and exquisitely lilting.

Annabel Gutherz has it going on! “Barcelona (Live Version) smolders with erotic harmonic savors and the elite voice of Annabel Gutherz.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.