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Music Video Premiere: Chris Zurich Introduces “You’re My Crutch”

New York City-based singer-songwriter Chris Zurich unveils the visuals for“You’re My Crutch.”

Talking about the song, Chris says, “It’s the story of a lukewarm relationship that over time develops into something more meaningful. A crutch is a two-sided word. In the beginning, they could be something you fall back on, while in the end, they become someone who holds you up when you most need it. They are your support. They become your rock. Not all relationships start out in a linear way – and ‘You’re My Crutch’ is a tribute to that. Where you may be reluctant towards someone in the beginning, over time you create experiences that solidify a bond, and that person ends up being someone you can really depend on.”

Produced by Brent Kolatalo (Kanye West, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde), “You’re My Crutch” emerged out of the bright side of the pandemic.

Chris explains, “I tried to look at COVID as a unique experience. When else are you going to be mandated to stay home to work on your craft? In some ways, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow and develop.”

Growing up in Pennsylvania, where he played in punk bands, Chris later moved to NYC, where he busked for a living.

According to Chris, “The cool thing about the subway is you create your own stage and can perform any time of day, with just a guitar and amplification. It was a challenge to psych myself into playing there at first, but once people started responding positively to my voice and performances, I became more confident. I learned a lot about what people like and don’t like to hear, how to draw in that first crop of people and get them to pull out their phones so others pass by and wonder what they’re missing. I call it the ‘art of learning how to accumulate a crowd.’”

“You’re My Crutch” opens on a soft, creamy melody riding a syncopated beat as Chris’ evocative voice imbues the lyrics with warmth and tenderness. Glowing, resonant harmonies give the song velvety layers of coloration, highlighting Chris’ expressive tones.

Sometimes I, I feel like / You’re only there because I / Can’t tell you what I feel / The truth is just too real / I never wanted you to stay / But every time I push away / You have the right words on your mind / And we delay this one more time.”

As captivating as the melody is, the icing on the cake is the stylish, deluxe voice of Chris Zurich, narrating the depth of his feelings.

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Written by Randy

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