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Nathan Sykes sends out Valentines gifts to deserving fans

Nathan Sykes is a complete sweetheart. This Valentine’s Day, he decided to keep up that reputation by sending out gifts to some of his lovely fans!

We all dream of receiving adorable gifts, cute text messages, and going on out-of-this-world dates for Valentine’s Day. Well, this dream became a reality for a few lucky Nathan Sykes fans!

After receiving an enormous amount of support last year from releasing his debut single ‘Kiss Me Quick’ in June and then shortly after releasing his second single ‘Over And Over Again’ in November, the heart throb decided that he wanted to give back to his fans.

Nathan took it upon himself to send out Valentine’s Day presents to some of his well deserving fans. Wouldn’t we all love to be one of those girls?!

While in Los Angeles working on his debut album, which is due to be released this year, he gathered up gifts to send to fans all around the world! He sent out single roses, boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers and Valentine’s cards with a special message.

In the cards, he included one little task for the person who received it to carry out to spread the love around throughout the day. One task was “Make your mum a cup of tea”. That surely made at least one happy mum this year.

Surprise Sykes Visit!

For one die hard fan, Nathan decided to visit her at her home in LA! The lucky fan was holding a Valentine’s Day party for all of her friends when Mr Sykes decided to make a surprise visit. He even brought her flowers and cupcakes! Isn’t that sweet?
Nathan Sykes sends out Valentines gifts to well deserving fans 1
Now, considering that not every single person lives in Los Angeles (even though we wish we did!), Nathan also made a few phone calls to fans! Earlier on in the year, everyone could sign up to the Nathan Sykes official website, at which you could include your phone number if you desired. Little did we know that actual Nathan would actually call fans! He phoned a few die hard fans and even facetimed a few too!

If that wasn’t enough, he went live on Periscope in the evening so that all the fans could feel the love. He’s always thinking of his fans!

He put together a little video for us in which we can see the events that occured through out the day which you can view here.

What could be better than receiving a Valentine’s Day gift from your ultimate celeb crush?!

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