The Nemesis EP By Bridgit Mendler Is Out Now – Review

The highly anticipated Nemesis EP from Bridgit Mendler got released today. Some promotional videos have also dropped too.

The EP contains four tracks, all of which are a whole new direction for her. Totally stepping away from her Disney Channel days and the country-pop of her debut album “Hello My Name Is…”

Nemesis EP is something totally different and totally unexpected. She is definitely channeling some indie-pop.

The first single was “Atlantis” which featured Kaiydo. It became a grower of a song as her fans started to adjust to liking her new direction. Then the music video dropped, which related well with the song. Check out our reviews of the song and the accompanying music video.

Check out the music video to Bridgit Mendler’s “Atlantis” here:

The instant grat single “Do You Miss Me At All” was the next to be released. This was the perfect follow-up. Adding more of a pop-ish tone to the indie track, added a texture we’re used to from Bridgit Mendler. It feels like it would’ve been the perfect transitional track, and could’ve worked as the first single, but it’s understandable why they didn’t; because they were clearly aiming for the shock factor, which they totally got from “Atlantis“. Check out our single review of the instant grat track.

Watch the just-released promotional video for Bridget Mendler’s “Do You Miss Me At All” here:

Upon the release of the Nemesis EP, two other two tracks became available. These two tracks are “Library” and “Snap My Fingers”. The former is more of an indie-pop ballad, works well as the second track on the EP, following on from “Atlantis” and preceeding “Do You Miss Me At All“. Whereas the latter ends the EP with a rhymical beat track.

“Library” is another grower of a song, it digs deep into this new experimental turn that Bridgit Mendler has taken. Her words have a lot of feelings as she sings, it may be one of the slower tracks on the EP, but it surely packs quite the punch, especially in the promotional live visual.

Watch Bridgit Mendler perform “Library” inside a library here:

As for “Snap My Fingers”, it wasn’t something we were expecting after the previous three songs. Talk about ending it with a fire track. Bridgit Mendler’s vocals are on point throughout as we listen to engaging rhythm and beautiful sounds. The lyrics sound so personal and real, Bridgit Mendler is giving us something special in this song.

Listen to the last song, “Snap My Fingers”, of Bridgit Mendler’s Nemesis EP here:

Nemesis EP isn’t your average EP, well it’s not even your average Bridgit Mendler packaged pop songs. Instead it’s a grower EP, one that has definitely put a stamp on who she is becoming. She is definitely putting a mark on the music industry, getting herself out there, and proving that she can experiment and release music that she wants to.

What do you make of her EP? What is your favourite track? Let us know all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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