New for 2016: Laura Roy

New on the music scene is Laura Roy, a 24-year-old singer-songwriter, who is releasing banging songs you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Her self-titled EP was only released last month and she is already getting critical acclaim for it from various online media.

Hailing from Canada, she has been voted as “Best R&B Artist 2013” by the Coast Magazine, and has shared stages with Ludacris, Jully Black, JRDN, Rakim and Freddy Gibbs.

She was invited to attend Gordie Sampson Song Camp, a song writing camp from the Grammy Award winning songwriter Gordie Sampson, which she has been going to for the last four years. At these camps she has worked with Rob Wells, Alex Greggs, Caitlyn Smith and Gordie Sampson.

Making quite the name for herself, we believe she is one to watch in the coming years. Her soulful technical voice is fire on her debut EP and we have high hopes for her in the coming years.

Laura Roy’s EP can be heard here:

The tracks bring some really great beats, from 00’s licks and 90’s ballads to pop firehouse choruses. This EP has it all.

“Don’t Chase the Feeling” is the first track, and is planned as the first single from the EP.  It’s rhythmically great, with an energetic beat, this track is proving to be popular. It kickstarts the EP off nicely.

A ballad follows that brings a 90’s R&B vibe, “Looking The Other Way” is full of emotion and proves that Laura Roy has what it takes to make it big.

“Bright Lights” and “Full Moon” both have an upbeat chorus with powerhouse vocals that surely intensifies as the songs go on. The ending on both tracks are slightly unnerving, but easily forgettable. Especially when they lead into the next two tracks.

“Take Me Down” is one hell of a catchy song, funky and messy (in a good way), Laura Roy experiments with her vocal abilities, stretching them and testing them. Before hitting it off with the closing song “Plastic” which is an instant hit that we can’t get out of our heads, yet the robotic voice adds the wrong sort of flavour to the song, however it adds texture to Laura Roy’s amazing vocals.

New for 2016: Laura Roy 2

Laura Roy is a star in the making, this EP proves she was meant to sing, and her technical vocals are stunning.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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