New Hope Club Release Music Video for ‘Perfume’

New Hope Club have released a video for their first original song, ‘Perfume’. The song quickly became a fan favourite when they performed it at fanfests. With a catchy tune and cute lyrics, it is no surprise that fans were excited when the little-to-no announcement of the video came out.

In the video, it shows the boys at a park messing around with each other, dancing and being their usual crazy selves. You would not expect them to act any other way. The styling shows 70s inspired attire, from the brightly patterned shirts and bomber jackets. A nice contrast to their usual outfit choices.

Overall, the vibe is relaxed and shows off their personalities. You can figure out what they’re all about just by watching-  a perfect first music video for them.

Check out the video here, the next 3 minutes and 28 seconds will make your day better:

We believe the video should have started the way the first performance of ‘Perfume’ played out. George and Reece on stage, but with Blake on FaceTime, (queue flashbacks to Reece making the crowd sing “Good luck with your exams, Blake Richardson” in honour of his absence.)

What do you think of the video? Are you just as shocked as us when New Hope Club dropped it out of nowhere? Tell us over on twitter, @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix