New Logan Trailer has been Released

Logan (aka Wolverine 3) is easily one of the most highly anticipated films for this year and another trailer has been released.

Fans have been looking forward to this X-Men movie as it will be the last time Hugh Jackman will be playing Wolverine after 17 years.

Logan is set in 2024 and a very tired Logan is currently caring for a sick Professor X (Patrick Stewart), both of them hiding out on the Mexican border.

His world is flipped upside down when a young mutant (Dafne Keen) arrives, being chased by those who want her for themselves.


As usual, trouble finds Logan and this time it comes in the form of a corporation called Transigen who are turning mutant children into weapons.

They turn up to take Dafne’s character, who looks like she isn’t going to go down easily as you can see from the trailer:


The trailer has so many fantastic moments in it, especially the Easter eggs and character cameos.

Fans of the comics will see the “Old Man Logan” storyline connections and Dafne’s character showing signs of possibly being the formidable X-23.


Fans will be sad to see Jackman playing Wolverine for the final time but it seems like he wanted to go all out for one last film.

Director James Mangold revealed that the actor took a pay cut to ensure that Logan will get the R rating that it has always needed.

And it looks like that wish has been granted if this trailer is anything to go by!

However, there has been some possible hesitation on Jackman’s part in wanting to hang up the claws.

Many Marvel fans, including Ryan Reynolds himself, want him to play a part or at least cameo in Deadpool 2 which is also highly anticipated after its sequel smashed the box office ratings in 2016.

Alasdair McLellan/GQ

Reynolds’ foul mouthed character references Hugh Jackman and Wolverine many times in Deadpool so it seems just right to have Jackman cameo at least once, right?

Either way, we have loved seeing Jackman play Wolverine for nearly 2 decades and we will really miss him.

Logan hits theatres on March 3, 2017.

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