New Music By Eurovision Winners Loreen & Lena

Remember when- back in 2010 and 2012- Lena Meyer-Landrut and Loreen, both individually, won the more-or-less presitigious but always fun Eurovision Song Contest and the hearts of the European audience?

Remember sweet little 19-year-old Lena, dressed in black on that simple stage? Remember Loreen with her dark, dramatic and very mystic dance routine?

Remember that sweet song “Satellite” which simply would not get out of your head because it was so irresistibly catchy? And do you remember the dark “Euphoria” which basically had the same effect?

Well, both of these artists returned with brand new music and the results are definitely worth one (or two or three) listen(s) to.

Let’s start off with the musical mastermind Loreen.

Swedish singer Loreen had us all impressed and off our seats with the incredible “Euphoria” back in 2012. Her follow-up singles, and the debut album “Heal”, were equally as impressive as the massive debut but sadly not as (commercially) big as the predecessor. Now, three years later, after being a busy bee and recording brand new music for all of her fans, she has finally come back to show us the result of her work. Today, she released the fabulous “I’m In It With You”. The track serves as the second lead single to her upcoming second album, which is still in the making. “I’m In With You” is a dramatic ballad, in the style of “Sidewalk” (a song from her debut record), just even better, to be quite honest. With that song, Loreen seems to truly have figured out how to write and produce extremely dark, dramatic but wonderfully melodic power ballads without coming off as ‘too much’. It’s definitely worth a listen to and makes the wait for the new full-length record seem even more unbearable than before.

Listen to it below (YouTube and Spotify links are inserted). It is also available on all digital retailers.

Fun fact about “I’m In It With You”: It was co-written not only by Loreen but also by Canadian singer Kiesza (she scored a #1 on the UK charts last year with her song “Hideaway”).

Next up is Lena Meyer-Landrut (or just Lena, as she’s calling herself now). Her new single is actually not so recent (it’s a couple of months old already) but I still felt the need to feature it here because it’s quite good and shows a different side to the artist that most people still remember as a 19-year-old.

Well, Lena has grown-up a bit since winning the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2010. Her style, especially on her new single, which is called “Traffic Lights” and served as the lead single to her already fourth studio album “Crystal Sky”, is reminiscent of artists such as Ellie Goulding. Her new song is very radio-friendly (again) and mixes her usual pop style with some electronic influences. The track is catchy, light and- in general- nice to listen to.

Watch the official video below if you’re interested. “Traffic Lights” is also available on all digital retailers and should be on all streaming services too (the Spotify link is below).

I hope you enjoy the new music from the Eurovision Song Contest winners of 2010 / 2012 :)

Written by Heiko

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