New revelation for American Horror Story

Last year, co-creator Ran Murphy revealed that each seasons of AHS were tied together, and it’s just the beginning to know HOW they are related. “They’re all very separate but there’s clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined”. But the tease don’t stop here, in fact, it seems that during season 5, we’ll go back to Murder House for one episode only. We already know that Marcy (Christine Estabrook), the annoying agent who sold the house to the Harmons, will be at Hotel Cortez.

Rumors are going about a Jessica Lange appearence on season 5. The original actress of the show is believed to finally come back as Constance, another character from season 1. It was said that due to work schedule, she couldn’t make it to the hotel, but it seems that Ryan Murphy has another thing in mind : “I talked to her” said Murphy, “Her come back is still possible, i’m actually dealing with her schedule on Brodway. She still own the show, and she’ll be back.”. Please Ryan, make it happen.

Will we get 2 seasons is 2016?
American Horror Story has a growing success since the Murder House. That’s why it’s not surprising that Ryan Murphy and his writing team are planning to release two new seasons of the show : “Next Year, we might do a fall AHS and a spring” says Murphy. He also add “We’re doing something that we’ve never done before on the show where we’re doing two different groups of writers rooms. Some of our writers will be bouncing around but a whole different group coming in late August. The next thing we’re crafting up is very, very different than this. Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark”. EXCITING.

(Re)Ddiscover now the monster that lives in Hotel Cortez (Teaser #2) :


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